I strive to create lovable resilient places where people feel they belong, designing buildings and neighborhoods that inspire care and will appreciate over time.


I am an International Architect and Urban Designer with offices in New York City and Brussels.  My expertise is in the latest practices of progressive traditional urbanism, architecture and design.  I both assemble and manage customized teams of professionals to develop each project, whether it be a home, an office, a neighborhood or a town. 


I believe in creating buildings and neighborhoods with strong local character and quality. I design places that people love and value by combining successful technologies for each location. I employ the latest collaborative methods and tools; including charrettes, strategic plans, urban codes, pattern books, urban plans and architectural designs. 


I was the urban planner and architect of the first traditional infil project in Belgium. I have designed office buildings that have been celebrated as reflections of the companies' identities. I have designed timeless homes that will age with grace. My teaching philosophy emphasizes that buildings and places must be designed for people to enjoy living.