In 1992 the rue de Laeken housing and retail project was central to the exhibition A Vision of Europe in Bologna, Italy and was published in the catalogue of the show. It was on this occasion that the project gained European recognition and the interests of His Royal Highness of Prince of Wales of England.














The Prince of Wales came to visit the rue de Laeken housing and retail development once during the design phase and a second time when it was completed. On numerous other occasions, Joanna Alimanestianu presented this project to dignitaries, public figures and to the press.


















Over 90 articles about the rue de Laeken project appeared in news papers and magazines throughout Europe. Twice it was the cover story of the major English speaking magazines of Belgium. It has been published in several books among which Classical Architecture by Demetri Porphyrios in 1992 and in Building Classical edited by Richard Economakis in 1993.















In 1995, the rue de Laeken redevelopment project was given a European Award for the Reconstruction of the City by Phillipe Rattier Foundation for Architecture of Brussels. It was also included among the projects praised by the organization Regles d’Or de l’Urbanism (The Golden Rules of Urbanism) of Belgium in 1996. 


















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