Bahia Muyuyo is a new Ecuadorian settlement on 450 hectors of agriculturally damaged ocean front land. In June of 2011 Joanna organized a Master Plan Concept Charrette for the Lapentti Family, the land owners. Today Bahia Muyuyo is under construction to become a truly Ecuadorian mixed-use, walkable settlement.

Avenida no name
Paseo a la Playa, Beach Village, Bahia Muyuyo, Guayas, Ecuador.jpg
Masterplan terreno entero Agosto 2014
Bahia Muyuyo first beach village
Playa Muyuyo
Paseo a la Playa
Founder St Balc water
Apartment building, Bahia Muyuyo, Guayas, Ecuador
Beach Crescent, Bahia Muyuyo, Guayas, Ecuador.
Side-yard house, Bahia Muyuyo, Guayas, Ecuador

As Development Adviser, Master Planner and Architect, Joanna has taken a compressively progressive approach, brining in multi-disciplinary expertise.


She with the best designers have been researching the most appropriate development strategies, the best designs and latest technologies to envision authenticity and resilience for Bahia Muyuyo.


In 2012-13, while visiting-professor the School of Architecture at Notre Dame University in Indiana, Joanna expanded the vision for Bahia Muyuyo. Students and professors researched inspirational precedents and envisioned designs, raising the bar and leading Bahia Muyuyo towards a truly ecologically place with a local character all its own.



  • Provide for a diversity of peoples to enjoy life

  • Value the climate, location and natural assets.

  • Repair the damage of decades of unbalanced agriculture.

  • Promote vibrant prosperous and walkable community life.

  • Offer residential diversity for privacy, safety, and indoor/outdoor living.

  • Add value to the Guayas region



  • Live/work neighborhoods with jobs

  • Beach village with a mixed-use center and residential variety

  • Agricultural land for commercial and private farming

  • An inlet harbor to promote marine activities and businesses

  • Designing for healthy indoor and outdoor living



  • Learning from successful precedents ~ local and borrowed

  • Using permaculture principles to rescue mistreated countryside

  • Designing settlements to take root and grow naturally

  • Integrating passive and new ecological technologies

  • Promoting safety through passive designs and technology

  • Using common sense cost-effective building technics

  • Incorporating sustainable methods and materials that age with grace.



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